Tips and tricks for buying meat in bulk

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Does the idea of buying meat fill you with dread? Don’t worry there are loads of people who haven’t ever tried buying meat on their own. They have had people get it for them. Buying meat packs is a great way of storing up meat in your refrigerator. If you are a novice at buying meat pack and aren’t too sure about what you should be looking for, read on to get some tips on procuring meat packs in Rockhampton.

When buying meat packs make sure of the following:

  • Study the different cuts of meat on display. The meat should have a rick pink colour. That’s an indication that it’s fresh and actually belonged to a healthy animal. The bones should be bright white and show no signs of being yellow.
  • Also keep note that the fat should be distributed throughout the pack evenly.
  • Avoid meat if it’s turning a darker shade, it could be an indication that the meat has been on the shelf for too long or perhaps belong to an older animal.
  • Other signs of meat being old is yellowed fat and shrivelled bones.
  • If you are buying value packs you need to keeping mind that you might not be getting the best quality meat. Though it’s definitely cheaper than other meat packs but the quality might not be what you expect. Value packs often contain unevenly cut pieces of meat which makes it difficult to cook it evenly on all sides. The result is meat which is not as tender as you would like.
  • You may also find some inedible parts in value packs like bones or cartilages which only work well for making soup or stock.

  • Instead of investing in individually cut pieces of steak try buying a complete roast. The roast can be cut accordingly and plus it also lasts a few days longer. You can ask the butcher to slice it up for you, however if it is to be used for a later date you can do the slicing at home as well. After all you simply need a sharp knife and nothing else.
  • Make sure you stock up on meat during a sale. This is a sure fire way to get the freshest meat because more people are buying and butchers keep cutting up more meat to restock. This way you can get fresh and delicious meat.
  • If possible trying grounding your own meat. Getting packaged ground beef is not such a good idea because the meat loses most of its flavor. You could even buy cuts of meat and have it grounded right in front of you by your butcher.
  • Keep in mind tat grounding your own meat can help you save some cash as well. you just need to cut the meat into even pieces and then add them to the food processor.

Ensure you are searching for the best butcher in Rockhampton.

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